You’re Confused

Are you confusing selecting a niche with selecting an offer?

I was recently asked for help getting to grips with drilling down on who to help and what to do for them.

I thought it would be excellent advice to share with others who want to craft their offers, as well as finding a more targeted audience. Or even a new target audience.

You can have more than one client type… obvious, right? But where people trip over themselves is trying to talk to everyone at the same time.

The purpose of niching down is to be able to have a conversation with one type of person at a time. This is because you will talk differently to different client types, and if you try to be everything to everyone, you will go out of business very quickly.


There are two ways you can explore this. First, you need to separate what you do, with who you do it for. Then you can start to get focused on those two things in a separate fashion.

This is what you need to do…

Choose either:

1. Who you want to help

2. What you want to do

You can only do one thing at a time.

Focus on one of those things and go deep.

Targeting entrepreneurs is not a niche. It’s a whole industry.

Which piece of it do you want to help?

Bald, middle-aged, struggling, overstressed, overworked, about to hit burnout?


Some other type of person?

Do you see my point here? This is a rather flippant illustration to drive the point home.

The main point is that you likely already have a good idea of what you want to do to deliver a world-class result. However, if you have a laser-targeted focus on WHO is the ideal person this will get results for, then you can ultimately focus on speaking directly to the perfect prospect. 

From there, everything else will fall into place and can be fine-tuned.

PRO TIP – Sometimes figuring who you don’t want to help and what you don’t want to do will help you find focus.

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