The Money is NOT in the List…

The money is in follow up with the list.

Back in 2004, I was running a small, but very successful subscription business. I was pushing towards low-6-figures per year in bottom line profits.

In my little corner of the online world, I was king-ding-a-ling.

I wanted more. I found out about this little thing called email. I could write one message and send it out to many people at once.

Stop laughing, it was 2004!

It was all brand new, and we were all making it up as we were making it real.

Anyway, I got about this new thing called email marketing. I phoned my developer guy up to see if we could get it set up to collect emails. Then, I wanted to know if we could get a system to send messages to those same emails.

Which was when he informed me that I was already set up for that and had already collected a little over 10,000 emails.

Awesome, I had a list. Yet I was doing nothing with it at all.

I was making money, good money. The list was not being fully utilized. The money in this situation was not from the list.

That was until I sent my first offer to sign up to my subscription service, all via email.

10,000 people [snaps fingers] just like that.

That is when I moved higher to mid-6-figures per year in bottom line profits in a short time.

What I discovered very quickly, was that the money was not in the list. I had a good sized list for a long time that didn't actually make me any money at all.

It is what you do with the list…that is where the real money is.

These days, there are many ways to have a list. Email, LinkedIn, Facebook groups. There are a lot of ways to be able to connect and stay in communications with your target audience.

At its most basic, all you need to do, is talk to your list. Think of them as one person, an old friend, whom you are talking to about what you do, and invite them to learn more and engage you in conversation.

In other words, be in constant communication with your list.

The money is in what you do with your list.

Go talk to them.

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