What World Class Result Do You Provide?

Earlier this morning, I was talking with a student to help her gain some clarity with her business direction.

The problem she was experiencing was [air fingers] niching down.

Like most people she could not get to grips with who she wanted to help the most.

Yet, as she is new and not already doing the thing she wants to be doing., she had a more urgent problem.

What result will she deliver?

It's a simple thing that most people take for granted. They are often already doing the thing they want for someone else, or not as successfully as they would like to be doing.

It's an interesting question, because the world is much bigger than a little over 20 years ago. Having clients all around the globe is a possibility in even the smallest of niches.

My point is that you can quite literally pick the thing you are most interested in and find clients you want to work with.

If you have a significant business or life problem to help with, then you can really position yourself as the go-to person. You can also charge a premium to help people with your solution.

You are in a most fabulous position to design the life and future that you want.

…and it all starts with one question.

If you could do one thing for the rest of your life and provide a world-class experience for your clients, what would that be?

Give it some thought.

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